WorkAir was founded by entrepreneurs who have all experienced, first hand, the challenges faced by growing businesses. Every growing business must have complete focus on their customers needs and requires professional systems and solutions to support these customers. The cost of some of these systems and solutions often inhibit growth and put smaller, growing business’s at a disadvantage to larger competitors.

WorkAir exists to enable companies of all sizes to benefit from enterprise scale solutions at costs that match the size of their business.

WorkAir understand some of the challenges faced by growing companies. Growing companies must exceed their customers expectations while managing costs and minimizing the cash they have tied up in systems.

At WorkAir we enable companies to grow by:

  1. Removing the need for companies to invest in costly telephone systems, on site servers, state of the art dialers and expensive call centres.
  2. Minimising costs by offering the best choice and deals on broadband, call charges and software.
  3. Maximising the return from sales teams and customer care teams without the associated large fixed costs.

WorkAir is part of an international organization who employ over 500 people and have operations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, South Africa and the Caribbean.

WorkAir is a Young, Vibrant, Impartial, Technology business who are committed to delivering solutions for growing business. (WorkAir are committed to using plain English and delivering straight forward solutions to our customers)