Workair has the largest and most varied broadband network in Ireland.
Workair’s broadband solutions are individually tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.

We match the best solution for each individual business based on:-

  1. The location where the service is required.
  2. What the service is to be used for.
  3. How many users on the service in each location.
  4. How critical resilience is for the business
  5. What are the growth plans for the business at each location
  6. What level of support does the customer require (i.e 24/7/365)
  7. Budget

These requirements determine the broadband solution that Workair installs. Workair use the broadband networks of all the major telecoms companies in Ireland so we guarantee the best solution for every customer. We compare every broadband solution so our customers don’t have to. Workair offer broadband solutions to 98% of the country through our access to Next Generation Fibre, Cable, Wireless Radio, Mobile and Satellite Broadband networks.

The benefits to a customer of choosing Workair as their broadband provider are

  1. We guarantee the best broadband service to every customer.
    We can guarantee this because we have access to all the major telecoms companies in Ireland. We find the best network solution for each location and route the traffic over that network.
  2. Workair price promise.
    We will never be beaten on price. We guarantee that our customers will not find the equivalent service at a better price. If they do we will match that price.
  3. We never over sell.
    Workair only provide our customers with solutions that suit them not us!
  4. We do not use jargon or technical terms.
    We explain our solutions in plain English.
  5. Simple independent advice.
    We are the only broadband supplier who are network agnostic. Because we deal with all the broadband networks we will not try to push one network over another.
  6. We make the provision and installation of the service easy.
    We arrange cabling and the installation of equipment as required.
  7. Our customer care teams are available 24/7/365.