Cloud Communications: Prepare your Business for the Future

8 February, 2021

Cloud PBX

When it comes to business phone systems organisations with outdated premises-based PBXs, many of which are being end-of-lifed by their manufacturers such as Toshiba, have recognised that cloud is the future.

Migrating to cloud communications allows for consolidation of all applications- voice, video, conferencing, integrations and analytics into a single platform. It provides new capabilities and functionality while reducing the requirement for downtime and disruptions, all while eliminating unnecessary spend in redundant tools.

However this process, if handled incorrectly, can end up costing a business in time and resources. That is why it is recommended to partner with a reputable and experienced cloud communication service provide, like Workair, to ensure the four key criteria below are adhered to:

Stage one: Multi-site qualification
Stage two: Planning and design
Stage three: Managing deployment
Stage four: Implementation and adoption

For more information on future proofing your business, contact us today, or read this whitepaper from our partner RingCentral, Cloud Communications: a Methodology for Successful Deployment

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