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About 8x8

8×8 is a global, publicly listed (NYSE:EGHT) leader in business communications. 8×8 is an award winning Software as a Service provider of voice, video, chat contact centre and enterprise-class API solutions. 8×8 cloud phone system (8×8 Work) and 8×8 contact centre (8×8 Virtual Contact Centre solution) deliver reliable, fast communication technology. Allowing businesses around the world to stay connected from anywhere.

8x8 Features

8×8 WorkApp

The 8×8 Work ‘All in One’ App, for desktop and mobile, enables simplified call management. The app incorporates voice, chat, fax, video and meetings to keep employees productive in the office or on the go.

8×8 Virtual Contact Centre

An 8×8 cloud contact centre solution with its single interface, AI-powered options, customisable CRM system integration, analytics and omni channel routing allows for improved business processes and customer experiences.

8x8 virtual contact centre

8×8 ‘XCaaS’

XCaas is the ability for companies to have a mixture of contact centre and business phone system on the same cloud platform.

8×8 Call Recording

8×8 software incorporates call recording that can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls. Record, review and download calls that can be saved and listened to later.

8×8 Speech Analytics

Speech to text transcription provides the opportunity to learn from data and gain insights. Extract keywords and phrases from any 8×8 voice conversation to identify winning techniques in customer engagement.

8×8 Virtual Office Conference Call

With an 8×8 conference call you can invite up to 100 participants but remain in control with features like host delegation, meeting lock, participant lobby and permissions. For those who can’t make it simply record and save for later.

virtual office conference

Benefits to Business

Streamlined communication experience with an easy to use and easy to manage single interface

Work smarter from anywhere - collaborate anywhere, anytime on any device

More efficient communications - always available and cloud based reliability

Improve productivity and customer experience with detailed analytics

Reduce costs with fixed monthly subscription fees

Easy to set up, deploy and scale – grow your communications with your business

In-built business continuity and resilience

Security & Compliance

8×8 has received a number of globally recognised, third party security accreditations. 8×8 solutions allows user to avail of a range of security features such as single-sign-on capabilities, multi factor authentication, disaster recovery and protection and outstanding reliability with built – in redundancy from 8×8 data centres.

EU law on data protection and privacy that addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas

8×8 is HIPAA compliant & provides Business Associate Agreements for Covered Entities & Business Associates

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Best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing

fisma logo

8×8 meets FISMA/NIST SP 800-53 R4 compliance at the FISMA Moderate level to meet advanced NIST/FIPS encryption standards

pcj logo

An information security standard for validation of controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud

Framework approved by the European Union (EU) and U.S. for complying with EU data protection requirements

Workair are the only accredited provider of 8×8 solutions in Ireland. We are trusted by businesses of all sizes, no matter their requirement or industry. We are your one-stop-shop for all things 8×8 telephony related.

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8x8 open channel program

8x8 Integrations

8×8 open APIs help companies become agile, lean and more cost effective by integrating the phone systems with other business applications.

Improved customer journey

Integrating the 8×8 phone system into CRMs like Salesforce and Dynamics enables customers details to ‘pop’ onto agent screens before the call is answered. The CRM integration keeps track of every customer engagement and makes every interaction quicker and more productive.

Improved internal processes

Integrating the 8×8 phone system into payment solutions like Stripe can enable customers to self-serve and pay bills using natural voice recognition or DTMF codes. These type of integrations improve internal processes and reduce costs.

Integrated collaboration

Integrating 8×8 business phone systems into MS Teams pulls together enterprise grade phone features into the power of Teams meetings, chat and collaboration. 8×8 voice for Teams integrates seamlessly into business apps and CRM tools like Salesforce, Bullhorn HubSpot and others. 8×8 integration enables Teams to be used as a certified cloud contact centre.

Advanced analytics

8×8 integrations (APIs) enable companies to interrogate and present detailed data on every channel for every business interaction, internally or externally, with employees or customers. This provides powerful insights into a company’s customer metrics and internal productivity.

Let Workair review your business communication needs and recommend a solution, you have nothing to lose.

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8x8 Customers

What’s In The Box - Business Phone System

Enterprise-grade cloud PBX

With unlimited calls, fax, multi-level auto attendants, voice mail, voicemail transcription and call recordings

Work Apps

All in one Apps that give you voice, video, chat and fax on your desktop and mobile devices

Call Handling

Gives companies the tools to manage incoming and outgoing phone calls including caller ID, Do Not Disturb, Call forwarding and transfer, Call waiting and parking and 3 way calling

Call Management

Distributes incoming calls efficiently to improve customer engagement and employee productivity Including Ring Groups, Call Monitoring, Call Queues and Barge, Monitor Whisper

Easy Administration

A single admin interface for user provisioning, system configuration, management, cost centres, multi-site support and roles-based access controls


Comprehensive performance and usage dashboards plus reporting options for valuable insights

Corporate Features

Features to keep employees productive and efficient including Directory Assistance and Presence

What’s In The Box - 8x8 Contact Centre

Boost agent and employee engagement, collaboration and operational effectiveness (from anywhere) to improve your customer Net Promoter Score.

Omni Channel Routing

ACD – Automatic Call Distribution

Direct customers to the best qualified agent with skill based routing to improve the customer journey/experience

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

AI powered self-service options and virtual assistant enable customers to choose which department their call is routed to

Digital Channels

Stay ahead of changing customer expectations and allow customers engage with you on the channel of their choice – chat, messaging, email, web chat, tweets, social media etc.

Predictive Dialer

Outbound dialling system improves connection rates to increase the volume of completed calls, maximizing potential revenue opportunities. Patented answering machine detection, carrier call blocking and other features help you meet compliance objectives

Workforce Engagement Management

Quality Management

Improves training and empowers agents

Workforce Management

Accurately forecasts call volumes to optimise staffing rosters

Customer Surveys

Improve your engagement with customers through actionable insights direct from your customers

Call and Screen Recording

Recording and storage options make it easy to search, retrieve, playback and download recordings safely and securely

Analytics to Optimise Customer Journey and Agent Performance

Customer Experience analytics

Visualise the customer journey to identify points of frustration

IVR Journey Maps

Show which menus are effective and where adjustments are required to simplify a customer’s journey

Speech Analytics

Empowers contact centre managers with actionable insights into the team’s performance and the customer experience

Customer Engagement at the Heart of the Contact Centre

Native CRM

Consolidates your customer data into a unified interface

CRM integrations

Integrations into all leading cloud CRMs enables you to personalise the customer experience and maximise agent productivity

Payment processing

Secure payment processing simplifies the handling of credit cards and supports PCI DSS level compliance. Integrations into Stripe enhance the customer experience