Connect with your team instantly with a team chat service that’s built for productivity and project management. Team chat is ideal for cutting down on time spent on face to face meetings where simple and fast communications can be more effective. We provide solutions that include :

  • Task management
  • 1:1 messages
  • Group and project based messaging
  • File sharing
  • 3rd party integrations like slack
  • Allow jumping from one device to another

Our solutions are built to save time and increase productivity by keeping employees connected without the need for unnecessary meetings, catchups and status updates.

Key Features

Collaborate from anywhere

Getting on the same page has never been easier with team messaging on all devices.

Instant file sharing and management

Drag and drop files, pin important documents, and integrate tools like Google Drive.

Made for project management

Assign tasks, update stakeholders, and move projects forward with built-in task managment.

Message and Meet

Send a message, start a video call, share your screen - all without switching tools. Flip live meetings to any device on the go.

Access & permissions built in

Integrate team chat into your business personnel directory and set user permissions based on roles and responsibilities.

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