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Whether you are looking to upgrade, integrate or migrate your business phone system Workair’s cloud-based technology will keep you connected from anywhere, on any channel via one simple app.

Key Features Of A Business Phone System:

Benefits Of A Business Phone System:

  • Fully integrated, one solution for all your business communication needs.
  • Cost savings, monthly subscription-based plans. There is minimum CAPEX spend.
  • Reliable cloud hosted solutions allow for business continuity.
  • Scalable to grow with your business, easily add or delete users.
  • Provide improved communication, internally and externally, between employees and customers.
  • Available to access from anywhere there is internet connection. Enable a hybrid workforce with the click of a button.

Why Choose Workair For Cloud Business Phone System

Workair can help simplify your business communications with a customizable cloud based phone system. Our expertise will help guide you through the process of choosing the best cloud phone system to suit your specific needs, no matter your size or industry.


At Workair we are technology agnostic and work with a network of industry leading cloud phone system providers. This allows us to deliver cost-effective, reliable business phone system options that meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Our extensive portfolio of business phone systems range from straight forward to complex, feature rich, fully integrated solutions that incorporate advanced call centre functionality.

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Experienced Corporate Phone Systems Provider

Workair are the market leaders in Business Phone Systems, and we continually help companies to innovate how they interact with customers and employees. Our cloud office phone systemsoffer a full servicesolution for virtual communications. You have all the functionality of a desk phone and more –video collaboration, team chat, integrations, analytics, while having the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Our extensive experience has allowed us help businesses across various industries – legal, transport, IT, professional and financial services and many more. A Workair cloud business phone system will ensure your communication needs are met across all levels of the business, while keeping costs down.

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