Intelligo provides payroll software and managed payroll services to 1 in 5 people in Ireland today. With clients throughout the UK, Northern Ireland, and Ireland, Intelligo is a leading provider of payroll solutions. Headquartered in Bray, Intelligo has been in operation since 1996.

The Challenge
Intelligo had an on-premise telephone solution in place at their offices in Bray. As soon as the risk of COVID-19 was elevated to a Threat, Intelligo got in touch with Workair. They needed to rapidly deploy a virtualized phone system that all remote workers could use. This was vital to ensure that the services Intelligo provided to large corporates, continued without interruption.

The Solution
Within four days, Workair set up 8×8’s platform to ensure Intelligo’s entire team were in a position to work from home. Deployed remotely, it was a priority for the company to ensure a seamless experience for their clients along with a fully secure conference bridge and analytics. With multiple Employee Helplines, call queues and groups, the transition from old to new was flawless.

Padraig Gill, Director Intelligo 
“What a fantastic help you guys have been in getting us off the ground. I’m so glad you all could make it happen. The system seems straightforward so far and surprisingly easy for us to set up and configure. We have now rolled it out to 30 users.”