Whitney Moore is a full-service law firm with its priorities firmly fixed on the delivery of consistently high-quality legal services. Whitney Moore was established in Dublin in 1882 and since then has been a strong presence in the Irish legal market.

The Challenge
Whitney Moore was one of the first legal firms in Ireland to close their office as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. In order to continue an uninterrupted service to their clients, it was necessary for Whitney Moore’s employees to continue to work, but from home.

The Solution
Whitney Moore had been an existing Workair customer. The company’s objectives at the time of deployment was to provide their employees with a modern and secure communication solution. With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, all 60 employees of the company were able to work from home the following day. Calls were still received through the company’s centralised number and the receptionists, who were now working from home, transferred the calls to the appropriate staff. This enabled Whitney Moore to provide a seamless customer experience. Crucially, all calls, video meetings and communications had the highest level of security, a key priority for Whitney Moore.

John Lynch, Managing Partner Whitney Moore
“Workair’s 8×8 solution has enabled us to be agile in our operations and in our response to Covid-19. The transition to full-scale remote working has been seamless, and we have continued to meet our clients’ needs and expectations”.