Improve service and sales with real-time reports and in-depth customer surveys. Contact Centre analytics offers a wide range of customisable, visual ways to make business-critical decisions in real-time. With up-to-the-minute data accessed through easily customisable dashboards, you’ll be better equipped to address business issues in your call centre as soon as they happen.

We help your business act faster with instant, automatic notifications when any performance metric is off-target. Happy customers are key to driving revenue and we help identify what’s working and what needs improvement within your customer communications.

Contact Centre Analytics

Key Features

Take Control

Our Workforce Optimisation tools help all departments get up to speed instantly and work more efficiently.

Greater Flexibility

Make better decisions with actionable analytics tools and flexible reporting.

Customised Dashboards

Widget-based, real-time dashboards let you build bespoke reports for every member of your team - available 24/7.

Instant Insights

Combine information from various platforms to create actionable insights to benefit your customers.

Customer Experience

More data means better performance and a greater understanding of whether you are meeting your customers needs.

Real-time analytics

Use up-to-the-minute data from your dashboards to address issues in your call center as they happen.

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