Consumer behaviour has changed. Today, people expect near-instant responses on their preferred platforms.  Your customers live online and you need to be able to reach them where they are day or night to keep the lines of communication open. Omni-channel routing allows you to be in that conversation instantly, no matter where it is happening online from :

Social media

Our platforms route all cases into a single cloud-based contact centre so any agent can pick up a customer communication, view their accounts details, and then quickly work to satisfy the customer ask.

Omni Channel Routing

Any Channel, Anytime

The Value of Voice

Voice is still the most preferred communication channel by customers. Gain customer loyalty by delivering positive customer experiences with quick access to a live agent for two-way conversations in situations that are complex, urgent, or emotional.


“Listen” for key events in social media, respond quickly to comments and issues posted on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Take personal conversations offline for appropriate interaction and problem solving.

Live Chat

Interact with customers and prospects through live chats on web and mobile devices. Create teams for wider discussions, share reports and other crucial files, and connect customers with subject experts within your organisation.


Your customers value speed and accuracy of information. With an email system that is filtered and intelligently routed, customer requests can be tracked from submission to resolution, increasing response time, decreasing errors, and boosting agent productivity.


Texting is the native language of your customers. SMS-based support allows them to bypass lengthy IVRs and directly reach an agent, providing real-time customer engagement, integrated into their lives. Faster response time and more customer engagement means more satisfied, loyal customers.

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