Cloud Phone Systems: Prepare your Business for the Future

8 February, 2021


When it comes to business phone systems organisations with outdated premises-based PBXs have recognised that cloud is the future.

Cloud-based phone systems allow for consolidation of all applications – voice, video, chat onto a single platform offering new capabilities and functionality. It reduces the requirement for downtime and disruptions while eliminating unnecessary spend on redundant tools. With advantages like these it seems worth considering for any business.

However this process, if handled incorrectly, can end up costing a business in time and resources. That is why it is recommended to partner with a reputable and experienced cloud communication service provide, like Workair. We are technology agnostic and work with a network of industry leading providers. We will ensure that the four key criteria below are adhered to:

Stage one: Multi-site qualification

This is all about understanding where the cloud service will be used, network conditions and user profiles. This stage relies on developing a strategy around the project management of each stage of the implementation.

Stage two: Planning and design

This is where the project plan is further developed to align the business communications with the larger digital transformation goals. This is done through the design of the voice channel (IVR system) and customised integrations. Finally a Business Requirements Document (BRD) will be provided which will act as the blueprint for your implementation.

Stage three: Managing deployment

Successful deployments rely on a designated project manager. The PM coordinates the work across your organization and your cloud vendor to manage resources and establish project milestones and timelines.

Stage four: Implementation and adoption

This final stage involves three steps.

  1. The cloud communication vendor will build your account
  2. All legacy numbers will be or transferred to your cloud communications provider
  3. The project manager oversee the transfer to it is done properly

We are the leading Irish distributors of 8×8GoToRingCentralAvaya Cloud OfficeVonage and Dialpad. For more information on future proofing your business with a move to the cloud contact Workair today or read this whitepaper from our partner RingCentral, Cloud Communications: a Methodology for Successful Deployment

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