How can a Cloud-based Phone System benefit your business?

24 June, 2021


When you think of a business phone system you picture outdated technology sitting on a desk in an office. Well those days are gone! In this new world of hybrid working businesses are choosing cloud-based phone systems. The reason being that users, both customers and employees, can communicate from anywhere, on any channel via one simple app.

Traditional PBX Phone System

Cloud-based Phone System

Not suitable for remote working
Multi-site connectivity for remote working
Requires a physical phone line
Operates using internet connection
Investment in expensive hardware
No equipment necessary
Not built for integrations
Can integrate with native business apps, CRM, payment platforms & more
Fees for on-site maintenance & repairs
Free online support available

Advanced features of a Cloud-based Phone System:

Integrations  Cloud based phone systems come with ready-to-use integrations. This will make it easy to leverage native business applications and CRM tools including Microsoft Teams, Oracle, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack and many more.

Analytics & Reporting analytics tools help make data driven decisions that ensure better staff performance. Real time call reporting provides insights into business activity levels and customer service.

Omni Channel Routing – join any conversation instantly. Whether it is happening on social media, email, live chat, phone or text. Faster response time means better customer engagement levels and more satisfied customers.

Call Handling – automated routing, call queuing and conferencing mean your staff, no matter their department, will never miss a call again. You also save time with everything being handled automatically through the system.

Security – a cloud phone system offers both outstanding reliability and incredible security. End user features include single sing on capabilities, multi factor authentication, disaster recovery and protection and built in redundancy.

In Summary

No matter the size of your business, or how dispersed your audience a cloud-based phone system will help reduce costs, save time and improve business processes. We are the leading distributors of 8×8, Avaya Cloud Office, GoTo, Vonage, Dialpad and RingCentral phone systems. So what are you waiting for? Contact Workair today and take the first steps to towards improving your business communications.

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