What are the benefits of a Cloud-based Contact Centre solution?

6 April, 2021

Moving to the Cloud — When, Not If

Cloud-based contact centre solutions are rapidly becoming more established with an increasing number of providers developing solutions to challenge the traditional on-prem model.

So what are the benefits of a “virtual” or distributed contact centre?
  1. Aligns with a broader strategic cloud migration of IT infrastructure and processes.
  2. Extends emergent OpEx-based cost models.
  3. Offers the promise of effortless future roadmap upgrades.
  4. For small to medium-sized contact centres going the cloud route levels the competitive playing field. It gives access to out-of-the-box features typically associated with larger organisations.
  5. Provides the ability to harness the flexibility of unified communications (UC) softphones to deliver greater productivity and streamline workflow integrations. This results in a consistent level of agent and customer experience.
Key Trends in Contact Centre Industry
Development of artificial intelligence (AI) for enhancing human agent performance
  • Using AI can make human agents better at their jobs by, for example, proposing responses and next steps that accelerate decision making.
  • AI systems can track vast amounts of real-time data as well as knowledge management databases. This complements the benefits of UC tools that equip agents with seamless communications among their teams, enabling them to make best use of knowledge that is not documented.
Growing appetite for dynamic work styles and distributed agent teams
  • Contact centres need to counteract the threat of staff churn by facilitating flexible working preferences.
  • UC softphones are increasingly valuable when transforming or building a strategic, secure workforce. Whether in a single location, multiple satellite offices or with work-from-home agents real-time messaging and collaboration tools enable agents to be reached regardless of location.
  • The use of UC tools ensures that key performance indicators (KPIs) can be achieved in the most secure and productive way possible.
Minimizing IT admin overheads amid rising tech complexity
  • The challenge is to provide agents with access to the company’s contact centre and call delivery system on an elastic demand basis, without having to make significant changes to the infrastructure environment.
  • A full-featured, customizable UC softphone is a flexible deployable application for any client endpoint.
  • IT and administration staff can easily and efficiently distribute, configure and centrally manage the UC application from the cloud, which makes it simple to roll out and scale up across multiple locations.
Managing Adoption of New UC Capabilities in the Contact Center

The principal business cases for integrating new UC technologies into the contact center are cost efficiency and value creation.

  • UC can support the “virtualization” of the traditional office-based contact centre by rendering agent location irrelevant to their performance
  • Less office space and fewer IT hardware assets benefit the bottom line
  • Addresses the call centre needs of the future
In Summary

A cloud-based contact centre solution allows for enhanced service delivery, supported by UC-powered innovation. It can transform a businesses interaction capabilities by leveraging new forms of collaboration and agent-enablement while driving better customer experience.

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