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About Dialpad

Dialpad is a multinational software company based in San Francisco. Dialpad’s is built in the cloud, its intelligent engineering and design provide users with voice, video, group messaging, conferencing, as well as document and screen sharing services. Have better conversations no matter where they happen.

Dialpad Features

Dialpad App

The Dialpad app (Dialpad Everywhere) is device agnostic so users can conveniently transition calls between devices. Whether from the Dialpad desktop app or video call app a phone number can be set up in minutes. Simply login and you are ready to make calls, join a meetings and more.

Dialpad Conference Call

Online meetings have never looked so good with Dialpad’s video conferencing system. Enable a video call with extensive screen and document sharing, group chat, advanced call controls – lock the room, evict or mute participants and place callers on hold.

Dialpad Voice Intelligence

Built-in machine learning allows voice intelligence and recognition to make recommendations for users in real time. Learn from customer interactions with live analysis, visual voicemail, real time assist and post call automation.

Benefits to Business

Streamlined communication experience with an easy to use and easy to manage single interface

Seamlessly enable a distributed workforce with Dialpad’s cloud-based softphone, accessible from any device, anywhere

Combined functionality across your business phone system and other applications allows user to spend time effectively servicing customers

Reduce telephony costs by removing hardware and saving on IT resources associated with a traditional on-premise phone system

As you grow scalability – make sure your business systems meet the requirement of your expanding footprint

Security & Compliance

The Dialpad platform offers users advanced privacy features like customizable retention policies, call recording settings and export capabilities for sensitive data. It also allows for granular permission levels to be authorised by system admins. This means you control what individuals, departments and teams have access to what features.

Dialpad meets GDPR compliance through features such as retention policies, data subject access requests, consent mechanisms. Dialpad offers customers a Data Protection Agreement (DPA). Dialpad is also Privacy Shield compliant

Dialpad is HIPAA compliant & provides Business Associate Agreements for Covered Entities & Business Associates

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Dialpad is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR)

Dialpad is SOC2® Type II compliant. They have controls that operate to meet the objectives of the AICPA Trust Services Principles

Workair are an accredited provider of Dialpad VoIP solutions in Ireland. We are trusted by businesses of all sizes, no matter their requirement or industry. We are your one-stop-shop for all things Dialpad related.

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Dialpad Integrations

Enhance your Dialpad experience with native integrations to some of the most popular business software available.

Dialpad for Google

Dialpad was originally created in Google Ventures, this allows it to run natively and provide a seamless integration with Google and G Suite products making it a true end-to-end collaboration product.

Improved customer journey

Personalised experiences and reduced wait times provide customers with enterprise-level experiences no matter the size of your organisation.

Improved internal processes

Manage all your business communication tools through one platform and create efficiency while improving productivity amongst your workforce.

Integrated collaboration

Make collaboration easy with Dialpad by syncing your business tools, CRM and other applications. Bring together all workflows without having to jump between multiple platforms.

Advanced analytics

Optimise available call data and make insightful business decisions that will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Let Workair review your business communication needs and recommend a solution, you have nothing to lose.

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Dialpad Customers

What’s In The Box - Business Phone System

Work from anywhere

Dialpad works on laptops, mobiles, tablets and desk phones from anywhere that has access to the internet. It is hosted in Google cloud and has a 100% uptime SLA

Route incoming calls

Dialpad business phone system enables you to set up custom routing rules to easily route or forward calls to specific agents or specific teams so customers reach the right person, everytime

Set your business hours

Dialpad business phone systems allow you to improve your work life balance. After hours calls can be automatically sent to voicemail and be transcribed to email!


Dialpad business phone systems enable you to share files, chat 1:1 or with a group. You can also dial from a chat


Meet the team with free unlimited video meetings on any device

Connect to your go-to Apps

Dialpad business phone systems enables you to integrate into the tools you use everyday like Salesforce, Zendesk and Google Workspace

Call Transcription

You do the talking and Dialpad business phone system captures what was said, by whom and even tracks action items, keywords and sentiment in a call summary automatically sent to your mailbox

What’s In The Box - Contact Centre Solutions

Call Monitoring and Coaching

Dialpad Contact Centre enables call centre supervisors to monitor and listen in to calls in real-time and to automatically surface recommendation cards that deliver answers directly to agents

Dashboards and Reporting

Dialpad Contact Centre enables call centre supervisors to dig into insights that matter, from Service level metrics to agent: caller ratios and inbound call volumes

Native Integrations

Dialpad call centre software enables you to integrate your phone support with ticketing systems, CRMs or collaboration hubs for a streamlines workflow that keeps agents in a single place

Live Transcriptions

Transcribe the call into text and save to a customers account. Dialpad’s AI transcription service includes sentiment analysis and action items

One Workspace

Call Centre agents on the Dialpad Contact centre platform can hop on a call, message a customer and meet the entire team at the same time, from the same App, from any device from anywhere in the world!

Customisable IVR

Create call centre interactive voice responses (IVR) in minutes with customer selection by key or voice

Workforce Management

Dialpad call centre enables you to coach and support agents and ensure you have the right number of agents live at all times

Callbacks and Voicemails

Dialpad contact centre reduces customer hold time with smart automated voicemail and callback features